Writing by Jonathan VanAntwerpen

Jonathan VanAntwerpen | Missing the marathon

“When I first moved to New York City almost two decades ago, I would not have expected the annual New York City Marathon to become one of my favorite things about living in the city. But it is, in retrospect, among the most moving civic rituals I have ever witnessed.”

Jonathan VanAntwerpen | What will survive of us is love

“When we need them most urgently, we understandably reach for whatever inherited or borrowed words we have at hand.”

Jonathan VanAntwerpen | Our own stories

“I find that I am disposed to overlook the small and seemingly inconsequential movements and happenings that end up remaking life as I know it.”

Jonathan VanAntwerpen | Frequencies: A collaborative genealogy of spirituality

“The invitation to contribute to Frequencies had posed a deceptively simple question: What comes to mind when you think of spirituality?”

Telling the Vast and Complex Story of Religion in America | Jonathan VanAntwerpen

“To tell a more expansive story of American religion in all of its diversity, we must work together to plumb the plurality of religion in its kaleidoscopic and everchanging forms, considering anew the many different ways that religion animates and illuminates what it means to be human.”

Imagining The Immanent Frame | An Interview with Jonathan VanAntwerpen

“The work of imagining and reimagining what The Immanent Frame was, where it was going, what it might yet be, was in my experience always a common enterprise.”

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